Reindeers Remain Unavailable.

The days are evergreen and over powerful.

Because it is winter vacation.

In this vacation,

There comes Christmas celebrations.

It means a lot and,

It means everything is on.

Cakes are daily baked,

Parents are planning surprise gifts,

Playing out in the winter sun.

Pullovers, jackets and coats and pants,

Daily reading one Christmas story book.

Bineny is not happy.

She is asking her father,

To take her to that place.

Where reindeers can be found.

She has read in a book,

Striking a reindeer’s hooves,

On the snow,

It gives,

Different coloured gems of different shapes.

Mother Mary also heard her pray,

Because in her pray,

She had already asked God,

About the reindeer.

Accordingly, The Mother,

Made Bineny’s own mother,

To buy some sorts of that asking.

She went to a jeweller,

And bought many imitated stones,

Which were reddish tinge,

Greenish blue,

Violet, orange and yellow.

She covered the box in a gift wrap,

And surprised her.

Beniny was absolutely happy, ecstatic, cried,

Kissed her mother,

Kissed Jesus.

Then suddenly she asked-

“What about the reindeers?”

Mother told-“The reindeers are having fever,

Because snowfall is high.

This year not,

We will go there next year by.

Beniny was happy.


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