The Feelings Of A Soul.

The feelings of a soul comes from deep inside of its core. A soul in its nascent form is a ball of pure light. As and when a soul grows, it manifests into a being which develops and prospers according to its needs. Some become needy, some selfish, some good, some very good and most become bad or slowly they become rotten.

Yet, the feelings don’t change. What gets imbibed into one’s feelings is emotion and drama.

Without emotion, hardly any feelings happens. Though one may feel hungry, one may feel sad at the same time. Hunger is evoked with the feeling of being hungry, i.e. the sensation of having an empty stomach.

Happiness and sadness do have emotions in them. While hunger doesn’t. When you have a beautiful and tasty dish and your hunger is satisfied then emotion lunges into your hunger and you feel overwhelmed. If you have food made by your mother after many days then, definitely each and every emotion available and made would be coursing through your mind, heart and soul.

The feelings of each soul are unique yet they are the same. The feeling after scoring hundred out of hundred in mathematics is of being jubilant, extreme happiness and pride.

When you pray to God for anything which you want and he answers it, then you feel more blissful, happy and exultant.

Love is another beautiful feeling, on which I will write later on.


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