If You Have Faith.

If you truly believe and have faith, you can rock the world. You can simply win over any situation. People often get stuck in the dwindling nature of everything bad happening in the world, by forgetting themselves. They forget who they are, what they want and all the past and involve themselves with the present of others.

Having faith is a big criteria, to go ahead in life.

Do not be trapped by the nonsense all around, but be free and be happy.



A Girl Writing A Letter.

A girl was writing a letter,

To her mother,

Who was staying in her sister’s house,

Wrenched her father’s heart.

He was unable to take her to her aunt’s house for he was too busy with his work.

So, the girl asked her mother to come back home fast for she was missing her very dearly.

Hope that the letter reached her mother soon enough.



Big Incentive.

Big incentives are rare. People work for things which are very trifle.

Having an incentive, is like having a motive or stronger will to work and do good.

The incentives, whatever given shouldn’t be too high, for people would only go for it.

But life is life and the only incentive of life is to be happy.



Different Places.

Different places, Different people,

Different views,

All is love,

But nothing is new.

It is life the very truth.

But when you visit any destination,

You can see and feel the places with yourself ,

Truly and truly new.



Halfhearted Work.

Halfhearted works,

Often don’t bring in any result.

You can get the job done,

Or it can be completed to the requirement,

But most of the half hearted works result in no goodness.

Physical and manual labour works are the most common example of half hearted works.

Do the work which you are given with sincerity and be happy.