See, If You Can Win it, Begin with X.

Complete the tic tac toe and have fun and begin with X.



Sparrow and The Cake.

A sparrow,

Small and beautiful,

Came into my dreams,

And began hoping around.

I looked at it for few minutes,

And then stopped hoping,

And with those small marvellous eyes looked at me.

The sparrow said-“May I ask you for something?”

I was surprised that the sparrow was speaking to me.

I replied-“What is your name?”

The sparrow-“My name is Trunky.

I am a relative of Tino (a sparrow of the fairy land).

I –“Daniel’s Tino?”

He replied back-“Yes , Daniel’s Tino.”

Me-“What did you want to ask?”

Trunky-“Do you have any cake at home.”

Me-“Yes, I have a small cake at home.”

Trunky-“May I have a small piece of it?”

Me-“ You may.”

So, I gave it a small piece.

Trunky-“Thanks a lot. Can I have a glass of water?”

I-“I gave it a glass of water.”

Trunky wiping his face-“ Do you know who I am?”

I-“You are sparrow, named Trunky.”


And saying so, Trunky started expanding,

And who was it standing before me.

Lord Jesus and the Fairy God Mother.

Lord Jesus was simply smiling,

While fairy god mother said-“I had heard about you from Daniel.
So, I came to test you. Well you have passed the test with flying colours.

You and your mother and father are hereby given an eternal pass to the fairy land.

The three of you can visit it anytime, you all want”.

Saying so, Lord Jesus and the fairy god mother vanished.

When I woke up from my dream, I told Ma about my dream,

And she said that she too wants to visit the fairy land.

Now, well folks off we go to the fairyland.



Little Jeremy.

Little Jeremy,

Loves his uncle.

His uncle loves him too.

This time he will meet his uncle in Moscow,

Where his father is currently located.

Little Jeremy,

Loves chocolate and ice cream.

And his uncle has brought loads for him.

So, best of luck Jeremy,

Have a nice trip to Moscow.

Do you know who Jeremy’s uncle is?

It’s Joshua, my friend.


Poetry-They Were.

They Were.

They were cheerful,

They were happy.

They were blissful.

They were delightful.

They were mighty.

They weren’t sad.

They were good enough.

So were we.

We played ludo and checkers.

Were very happy together.

Like the Spring time flower,

They were prospering,

And so did we.