Oh! The Soup That Spills.

I have painted my wall with violet colour.

The paint is from a big company.

We had bought a dining table.

In the corner of the room,

There is wooden cupboard,

And in that cupboard, I have kept few angel figurines and few small things.

On that dining table,

There are mats placed upon it,

Which is coloured yellow upon marron.

Now I prefer to have a Chinese soup,

In a bowl on that table.

If I add a bit of soya sauce into it,

The soup tastes brilliant,

But such are the blends of Chinese soups,

That adding or not adding soya sauce doesn’t matter.

But yet it is preferable.

But most of the time, I spill the soup.

The mat has been spoiled due to the spilling of the soup.

Oh! The soup which spills.



The Lotus Feet.

Garden gnomes
A poem

Garden gnomes were playing around,

The grass was green and flowers made sound,

“Hush,Hush see the colour of light,

You take blue, You take pink,I take brown.

Gnomes do not play easy games,

They are tricky, sometime friends.

From top of the hill, God looks upon us,

If he comes down we will surely blush.

He will make us newly made.

Gnomes will ask for many days.

But we will have his feet to shed.”