Strawberry milkshake with Sweet Vanilla Cream.

Strawberry as a fruit is not liked by many. Though they are world famous. But truth be told, most people avoid them. On the contrary, strawberry milkshakes are world famous. They feature just below and second in rank to chocolate milkshakes.

So, at a juice center which had a small storefront to it, we ordered for two tall glasses of strawberry milkshakes. After placing the order, we sat down and nearly seven-eight minutes later, the waiter served us the milkshakes. But what a splendid surprise was there waiting for us.

The strawberry milkshake was topped with sweet vanilla cream. With a wooden spoon we nibbled of the cream bit by bit and simultaneously sipped the milkshake with the straw given. The moment its quantity got a bit lower in the glass, the cream too slided down with it.

bottle container cream creamy

The whole thing was full of fun and when we were halfway through with our milkshake, the waiter brought four complimentary buns which were medium buttered and had a slight flavour of cumin in them. The butter in between the bun made it fun to eat and we ordered for four more such buns to take them home.

The strawberry was chilled, excellent for our health and brilliant to drink. We hope to go there soon again and order for the same milkshake.



Chocolate Themed Waffles with Bread Buns.

Few days ago, I had the liberty of buying chocolate themed waffles from a world famous waffles shop. Those chocolaty, crunchy waffles were excellent to have.They were laced with ganache and topped with Belgian chocolates.One bite and you will feel that you have reached the gates of heaven and with another bite you will feel that you have entered heaven and with a few others you will feel that you have settled down in the biggest condo in heaven.But then what happens is that everything starts getting boring.It is the same with the waffle also.Halfway into the chocolate themed waffle and you will feel that it needs something else. Therein comes those sweet bread buns.Just buy them from any bakery store and munchingly and chillingly have them with the chocolate waffle and you will definitely feel that permanent residency of heaven has been granted to you.

Adios! Happy Eating.