A Big Breakfast Of Bananas And Ice Cream.

My friend from the states called me up.He was speaking a bit funnily.Joshua who is now back again in Addis Ababa was being served breakfast by his sister. It was hummus and ice cream.

But Joahua was grumpy about it. He told me -” Who eats ice cream in breakfast? ” He had flatly refused to have ice cream to his sister.In return he got a nice scolding from her as well as a trip to the vegetable market as punishment.

He decided to never say no to his sister’s home made ice cream.



Banana Vanilla Milk Crushie.

For this superb to drink banana vanilla milk crushie, you need to have four bananas or plantains, a family pack of vanilla ice cream and half liter of cream milk and a tray of ice.

Take a mixer and in it add four finely mashed bananas or plantains or platanos.

Then add four scoops of vanilla ice cream and after that add two hundred and fifty ml of milk and ten pieces of ice cubes and mix them all together in the mixer.

Within a minute or two of mixing,you should have a fine banana vanilla milk crushie enough for atleast three to four people.

Serve it in the glass and to make it more palatable add crushed ice in it and two small scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of the glass.

To garnish add some finely chopped coriander leaves and two red cherries on top of the ice cream.The crushie would look simply wonderfull.

Have it with gusto and enjoy.

Happy Eating.