Has The Milk Come?

close up of milk against blue background

Has the milk been delivered?

For it is the beautiful morning,

All shining and bright,

The children need milk early in the morning.

And there is bread to be made,.

With jam and butter and some excellent tea.

The milk has indeed arrived,

So it’s time to wake up nice and bright.



Oh! The Thin Skimmed Milk.

Oh! The thin skimmed milk,

Oh! Its price,

Oh! The demand.

One pint of it,

And you will feel fresh and healthy,

Oh! The thin skimmed milk,

And the hype around it.

Oh! The air,

Oh! The fat.

Oh! The carbs.

Oh! This and that.

Many ladies say-“Oh! We drink two glasses of it daily and we remain thin and happy.”

Oh! The thin skimmed milk,

And the thin airs.

Hope the day doesn’t come,

When the oxygen to us naturally,

Becomes skimmed.