A Conglomerate.

A conglomerate,

Bought an ice cream factory.

There they made,

Ice creams of chocolate, vanilla,

strawberry, raspberry, butter scotch,

blueberry, cranberry,

And pineapple flavours.

Now the things had spiced up.

A new player entered the play,

And he introduced ten new flavours,

But this old schmuck,

Stuck to his boots,

And he didn’t hang up his boots,

Instead he kept producing ice cream in the traditional way,

And he won.

The other player couldn’t even survive a year with his fashionable flavours of ice creams.

Soon a new offer came in,

Buy two and get one free.

Had it been vice versa,

Wonderful it would have been.



Fine Composition.

retro turntable playing vinyl disc in living room

A fine composition,

Written in broken notes,

And was played on a keyboard.

The composition couldn’t be heard,

As the musicians moved on,

But the tune lived on forever,

Hidden in an old diary,

Beckoning to no one.

Not even a soul knew that existed until recently,

And when it was incorporated in a film music,

It was played as an ad-lib,

Gaining much popularity,

In the insides of the music world,

There was much hulaboo,

About who had composed the tune,

And when it was known,

The hitherto musician,

Got much larger gigs,

And success was with him.



A Picnic In A Garden.

A picnic in a garden,

Planned two days in advance,

Was full of merriness,

Enjoyment and glee.

The boys played cricket,

And the girls played badminton.

Sandwiches, potato chips,

Bread with mozzarella cheese,

Croissants and hot tea,

Was the picnic menu.

It left everyone bedazzled,

And with the sun being cool and the trees acting as a shade,

Everybody had a nice time.

The boys had most of the fun.

As they played four matches of cricket.

That was their fun day.



Big Claims.

Big claims of a boy,

That he had won a trophy in a contest,

Were pooh-poohed by all.

None believed his story.

The boy kept quiet,

As if,

One day he would prove his metal.


He did.

There was a sudden flurry in his school,

A large competition was to be held.

The boy won the first prize in that contest,

And when everyone congratulated him,

He received their appreciation with grace and dignity.

The trophy mentioned above was left back in his home town.

In his new school,

The boy has won four large trophy cups,

And he wishes to win many more.

We wish him all the best. Adios!


A New Boy.

A new boy in an old town,

Reached the sky,

To the very top,

Where he wanted to be.

Top doesn’t mean,

Earning millions and billions of money,

Or any currency.

Reaching the top means,

Achieving the best possible outcome,

For the deepest wish within.

The boy wanted to become a teacher,

And for four consecutive years he tried very hard,

And at last he got a chance to teach at the school where he wanted to.

The school wasn’t of any hot shot fame,

Most of the children were from poor families,

And the children loved his teachings.

And the local authorities used to sponsor them and they still do.

The “new boy” later on became the principal of that same school,

And that position he held for the rest of his life.