Stay At A Resort.

A stay at a resort,

Enlightened my mind.

It opened up,

And refreshened my soul,

There was an ice cream making machine over there,

Which would make ice creams in four vfarieties.

Those ice creams really helped,

As the flavours were new and fresh.

The resort was well built,

And you could play games such as cricket, badminton, football, table tennis etc., and as you wanted to.

And the food over there was simply great.

The overall time spent there,

Was more of learning.

As I woke up,

A new morning had risen.

The resort had beautiful interior decorations and the service was efficient and swift.

The walks uplifted our spirits and eveything turned out to be beautiful and excellent.

The swimming pool was deep enough uptil seven feet and you could swim in it like a king and there was a place beside it where one could take in the cool breeze as the wind flowed soothingly.

The best thing about resort is you can’t spend your entire time sleeping,

You have to wake up and go about the daily outings,

As the resort calls out to you with its multifaceted activities.

The whole time turned out to be fun and happy.


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