Feeling Sleepy.

I am feeling sleepy and its four in the night,
got to do a lot of work tomorrow and everything should be done alright,
if you can’t do anything and if you mustn’t sing,
then do try to ring as I always sing,
before going to bed, I always try to bring,
A deep sound sleep that will lull me,ma and baba to the world where my true friends the fairies only sing , sing and they do let the bicycle do tring, tring and tring.

The sky sleeps, the air sighs a deep blue sea in heaven,

the light workers and mighty might will sing so bright in heaven,

the night will break in day in the morning light,

the dreams come true,

it seems so new,

it touches the hands in pray,

right work and right dream,

will make me happy and gay,

let me be so happy to say,

my prayer you have kept it with you and have saved it forever,

you blessed me for every moment and you told me I am your dear.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dearest friends.

Nothing else, only you are real.



Sleep Tight.


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