Huge Jelly Cake.

Jim’s birthday was a few days back.

He had got a cricket bat,

And a pen as his birthday gift.

He was overjoyed with that.

As soon as he got his gifts,

Out he went to play with his friends,

In the midway,

His sister came calling,

And said that Ma was calling him.

Jim came home immediately and found another surprise waiting.

It was a school bag,

And it was given to him by his sister.

She was elder to him by eight years,

And was a doctor now.

Each year Jim would tease Lily( his sister),

That she was getting old,

And on each of his birthdays he would say -“Where is my gift?”

Lily would get emotional as she couldn’t buy him anything due to financial restraints.

But this year she had started earning more,

And by saving bit by bit,

She could buy him a new school bag.

Now upon getting his gift, he hugged hus sister tightly,

And there were nothing but tears falling from her eyes.

That day father came home early.

There was a big bag in his hand,

And everyone wanted to know,

What was in it.

He took out a cake box from the bag.

Jim opened the box,

And in it was a huge cake,

Which was made completely with jellies.

“Happy Birthday Jim” was written on the cake.

The cake was cut,

And everyone liked it a lot.

Jim and his family had a splendid time that whole day.



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