Boy And A Milkman.

A boy and a milkman,

Had gone there to buy bread,

Both of them bought a small packet of bread.

Outside the shop,

There was a tea stall,

And they ordered for tea and had it with the bread they had bought.

The milkman to the boy-“So, how are your days going?”.

The boy-” Fine and yours?”

The milkman-” Business is a bit slow.”

They kept on chatting like this when suddenly the milkman says -“From tomorrow onwards I will charge twenty rupees as delivery charge for every five days.”

The boy-“That’s very high.I will go and tell my mother right now.”.

The milkman-“What can I do? All the costs have gone up.”

The boy-“You can drink milk and be happy, why unnecesarily charge high rates to your customers?”

The milkman-“Is that so?”

And their conversation ended.

Luckily, the milkman didn’t increase the price,

Or his business would have gone kaput.


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