Befitting Reply.

Beffiting reply,

To an antagonist,

Creates a situation as ruthless as the antagonist himself.

A protagonist on the other hand,

Forms waves of sucessful ambition,

And hopes,

Some of which maybe true,

But most are based on the expectation that the good will happen,

But good doesn’t come hand in hand.

That is the reason why antagonists gain popularity.

They make so much noise and ruckus,

And that gets them attention.

Victory often silences them,

Yet like a quacking duck,

They keep on nudging and poking,

Everyone and until their mind is satisfied,

They keep on going.

I think they can go without food and water also,

Just to get their dreams fulfilled.

There are times when few antagonists are right as the situation is antagonistic and is being projected in protagonistic light.


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