A King’s Match.

A king’s match,

Between him and his son,

Was a grand affair.

It felt as if never before had a father and son had played any match.

Now, the royal court,

And the royal gardens were fully decorated,

The match would be divided into two parts- chess and tactical reasoning of warfare.

The two events would be held separately,

And till the time the events got over,

The whole kingdom was to be given a feast.

Now chess went on two days and,

Tactical reasoning was held for seven days.

Many plots of warfare were discussed and at the end both the events were won neat and square by the son.

There was a surprise awaiting everyone.

At the end of the event,

The king coronated his son as the new king.

The celebrations went on for many weeks,

And the new king did justice to his duties,

And the kingdom faired well.


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