The gastarbeiter,

Was welcomed by all,

Loved by all,

And appreciated by all.

His work was his gusto,

His humble nature,

A big win attitude.

He was the gastarbeiter respected by all,

And made the new land,

His new home.

The old homeland remembered him,

And he also remembered it,

Somedays there were tears in his eyes,

And few days cheer,

The gastarbeiter was a big champion of hearts,

And like a person on a sojourn,

He returned home,

Four years after.

The city in his homeland had changed,

The villages had become modern,

But his old house was the very same,

Which brought the warmth, happiness and cheer in his heart again.

The hearth longed for his presence,

His Ma and Baba,

Were waiting for him,

Now he wasn’t a gastarbeiter,

But a son,

In his homeland again.


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