My Shop For You.

I Have Opened My Shop.

Waiting for you to come.

Keep a little penny and buy some flowers.

It will make you happy forever.

Because I am in joy.

Please buy a bar of chocolate,

For your daughter you will buy a big happiness.

Buy a bar of soap which gives great fragrance,

It will make you happy in shower,

Come please come.

Please chat with me for few seconds.

My shop is open,

And I am excited to have you as my customer.

Even a bottle of beer,

Is also available for you,

I know you want it,

Whenever you are in your solace.

Prayer books also I have kept for you to buy,

The snacks, breads, cakes, tinned pineapples,

Could be your wife’s choice,

Shelled nuts are also there.

With my goodies you can fill your hut.

I am waiting for you to come.


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