Known and Unknown.

Known and Unknown are two sides of the same coin or sometimes of a different coin.

What is known is unknown and whatever is unknown will eventually be known.

It’s a game of juggling and this juggling often takes place in mind.

The only difference between known and unknown is the dropping of the veil.

The veil which holds the key to all the answers, plays hide and seek with us and for it to shed even a single layer of its veil, it takes a lot of effort on our part.

A child’s laughter is known but most of the reason behind it is unknown. Whatever may seem comical to that child is as boring as calculating tax to a man.

What is of great interest to a man is a boring as a dumpster to a child.

When you hit a ball hard and that ball goes for a six, that is known to you, but the exact forces behind it are still unknown to man. Many will refute this statement. They say we have studied physics, conquered kinetics, wasted our lives behind it, achieved mementoes, won grants and scholarships. That doesn’t explain the unknown reason why a ball which is old would turn rapidly on a dusty pitch. Still people find facing a Yorker as difficult as telling your mother that you have failed in an exam.

Known is like the chewable part of the apple and unknown is like the non-chewable part of the same apple.

When a child falls ill, his/her parents try the best to heal him. They take him to doctors, do this and do that. When nothing else works they pray. Suddenly some miracle happens and the child starts getting better. Now doctors will say –“We have treated him well. Bravo to us.”

But a mother’s heart knows very well that who treated whom. God is often given credit for things which he has not done. The things which he does are often not attributed to him.

He is like a scriptwriter, who writes an excellent story but the credit is taken by the director or the producer.

Man has strived for the unknown for a long time. But like a boomerang he has always been shown the exit door by illusion. The key to that door lies in God’s hand, who will someday use it to open that door for his children. Till that time the game between known and unknown will keep on continuing eon after eons.

Hope you know the difference between known and unknown.


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