Daniel and The Big Red Sparrow- Fairy Tales.

Jasmine’s mother who was a former doctor fairy, used to work as a doctor in the fairy hospital. She was a paediatrician and had taken retirement for the moment.

She had thought that she might be back to her work as soon as her kids begin living their own life.

Before taking retirement, the queen fairy had gifted her a red sparrow. At that time the red sparrow was a baby. Now it had grown up into a huge sparrow and could take huge loads upon it and could fly four fairies at a time.

Jasmine’s mother Martina had gifted this sparrow to her daughter on her seventh birthday. Jasmine was at first scared of riding the bird.

The bird was called Tino. Tino could talk but always asked for chocolates. Slowly, slowly Jasmine’s father taught her how to ride Tino.

Daniel had already mastered the art of riding and often took Tino to fly out in the other fairy lands.

It was Daniel who finally managed to get Jasmine ride Tino without any fear. He would fly up and down. He would fly Tino just above Jasmine’s head and call out to her-“See sister, I am not scared. Why are you?” Saying this he would break into a big laughter.

Once, while laughing his ride had become uncontrollable and had his father not done magic to save them, he and Tino would have crashed into the big huge Fairy tree. The fairy council meeting used to take place there.

Everyday, Jasmine would take TIno out for small rides, while Daniel would watch over them.

One day, Tino took a big leap and before taking it he asked Jasmine to hold onto him very tightly.

Tino soared the skies up and down and kept on flying the high skies till Jasmine became comfortable on his back.

Soon enough they would venture out every day.

One day in overexcitement Tino flew in great strides and reached the nearby land of potatoes, which was 150 nautical miles away from fairyland. For being a big bird, Tino was able to cover the distance in a short time. But now they were in trouble, as in the land of potatoes not only the potatoes were big, they could talk and move rapidly.

Tino was soon asked to land at the airport of potatoes and a potato immigration officer asked for their passport, visa and for the entry fees.

They had nothing with them.

When Jasmine informed them that she was an honorary seargent fairy under the fairy queen, a big potato man came and took out his phone and called the fairy secretary.

Soon enough a fairy contingent came and apologised for Jasmine and Tino’s mistaken behaviour and took them back home.

By then the Potato King was informed too and he had also come to take a look at the fairy and her big red sparrow.

Leading the fairy contingent was her brother Daniel. When Daniel came and shook hands with the potato king, Jasmine was very surprised. Daniel was a naughty fellow who used to spend his day playing in his school’s pool.

The potato king was a timid and a small man or “potato.”

After speaking to the potato King, Daniel asked Jasmine to get on Tino and both of them went back home, the fairy contingent also went back home.

Now the question arises, why was Daniel leading the fairy contingent?

N.B. To be continued in the next post.


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