Today The Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations Have Begun.

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a day of festivity, of happiness, of celebrations. On this auspicious occasion offerings of “ukdiche modak”, modak, ladoos, peda, barfi, kaju katli, are offered and presented to the Lord and then the prasad is distributed amongst all.

The spirit, happiness and the height of the festivity of Ganesh Chartuthi can’t be described in words. It has to be, experienced, lived and felt to the inner most core of your heart.

While bringing Lord Ganapati(Ganesha) to the people’s homes or pandals, music bands which are hired by many play loud and beat music on their instruments and especially the drums make dancing notes and it becomes truly a joyful and happy occasion for all. People dance on the beats, many try innovate new dance moves. Whenever I hear such dance beats, my heart, my soul too dances with it.

The above statue of Lord Ganesha is established in Cham Sculpture museum, Vietnam.

The happiness of seeing Lord Ganesha is beyond anything. It’s natural to feel emotional. When anything asked for gets fulfilled, tears like tributaries of various rivers, flow from one’s eyes, in salutation and surrender to Lord Ganesha.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all.


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