He Would Flirt Everyday.

He would flirt everyday,

To Mrs.Baker, he would say-“Oh! For so many days, I wasn’t able to get such beautiful macaroni and soup, since you went on a vacation”.

Mrs.Baker-“Thank you Mr.Smith. You are simply trying to flatter me. I know that Mrs. Smith makes very nice, macaroni and cheese”.

Mr.Smith-“Yes, that she does but it is not as better as yours.”

Mrs. Baker-“Hmmm.”

He was in a habit of flirting with ladies.

But he loved his wife the most.Mrs.Smith was the diamond of his eyes. He couldn’t live any moment without her, but he couldn’t control himself from flirting with other women.

Again at a party, he told Mrs. Peter-“Madam, your chicken broth soup is brilliantly delicious. Hope that I can have soup made from your hands regularly.”

Mrs.Peter-“Mr.Smith do you know, that you are a forgetful liar?”

Mr.Smith-“Me a forgetful liar? Mrs. Peter, why do you say so?”

Mrs.Peter-“For, day before yesterday, when we were at your house, you told Mr.Peter and myself that no one makes chicken broth soup better than your wife.”

Mr.Smith blushed and smiled and said-“Yes, Mrs. Peter, that is very true.”

Hearing these words, all the guests present around who were listening to the conversation smiled, especially the ladies with whom Mr.Smith used to flirt always.

Mrs.Smith came around and her husband got up and very proudly said-“My dearest and darling wife”.


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