God’s Power.

God’s power is infinite. There is no limit to it.Be it happiness, be it food, be it anything that you want in life, it is in God’s power to give it to you.

But the question that arises is whether you are there to receive it or not and whether it is good or not for you.

There are many factors which go into the decision making. Plus, God is God. He is not a common thing. He is above all. He is all in all.

God has the power to heal. The power to manifest. All the powers that all crave for are with him.

God isn’t bound by his power, but by love. Only true love can reach him. A mother’s love, a father’s love, a truly married couple’s love and God’s love can reach to the core of one’s heart.

God’s power is magnanimous, huge but it is only and only love.

It takes sometime to settle down, but it is what it is.


14 thoughts on “God’s Power.”

      1. I think definitely yes, as in prayer we talk to him. The answer may not come. But the prayers definitely reach him and he does his best, but the replies sent by him are not like by most, as they don’t understand him and his ways.

    1. Regarding God, people become extra emotional as they cannot fathom his strength and depth. So his love is all.

      1. Why would you need to command love? It is automatic. Can love be commanded?
        If you love yourself, your work, your best doings, then you are loving God. It is another matter whether God exists or not. If you command love, it will come, but it won’t be true. You will love that person only, whose self you have loved. So, the question of commanding love does not arise. My mother loves me, so I think God loves me, whatever small amount is due and with that I am happy.

      2. I am much small. I know my own self. I only get cheered up when I see God. You can call me God Intoxicated. I have gone through a version of bible, but I am not much knowledgeable about it. God can command love. If he commands it, then you too can command it from him and before you know, one day he will definitely touch your core(self) but when it will happen is unknown.Getting love from God or loving him is an attitude of a small child who asks for toy from his/her parents but doesn’t get it and remains angry or upset with them. Teenagers tend to show this tendency much and even adults behave like this. It takes God eons to reach any individual. It’s very painful on both the sides. I think that he loves you a lot, that’s why so many questions arise in your mind.
        If you have ever fallen in love and have experienced it truthfully. A painting which attracts you. A song which your mind hums. A destination which reaches out to you. If it is true then that you have reached the maximum goal of the day, hence you have reached God. You can call it anything. I am calling it God,
        By the way did you like my post? If God is truly present, he too would have been bored by now. It is better to be happy than to debate whether he loves us or not or whether he exists or not.

      3. People who speak for G-d are usually more trouble than they are worth. Personally G-d should be able to communicate for himself

      4. Why are you writing G-d? Why are you omitting “O” from God? In your asking, I am finding God. I feel like I am getting a volley of questions about him, from an another child of his. When we fall in love, we spend much time persuading that girl with the command to fall in love with us. But how do we get disheartened when that person rejects us?

        Nearly everyday I too question God that why is your love so less?
        But I don’t get any answer. I have to cope up with that situation, despite knowing that God, the truest one, who can make anybody a king, has heard my query and prayer, yet there’s no answer and when the answer does reach me, I feel saddened that why did I question him?
        Yet one day, you will see that you are guided and helped by him and him only.
        I haven’t faced such tough questions in my whole life, save a few times.
        Am I causing you any trouble?
        It definitely, takes a lot of trouble to speak for God. But he is so divine that he doesn’t need to speak. All are Gods. Many are self realized.
        But if you accept that he exists then he does. If you think that he doesn’t then he doesn’t.
        It is a like a secret. But you have to decide whether yes or no.
        If it’s no, then it is much better, for you are not bounded by any authority to believe in anything superior than yourself. And it is much better. For by knowing God, knowing his ways, life becomes much tougher. The answers and the solutions don’t come easily.
        It is what it is.
        The love you have sent me, has made feel sleepy. Bye.

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