Victorious In My Soup.

Cooking is a multitudinal, multilingual, humoungously large field of science and arts, which is very much yet left to be cultivated.

Any person can be a chef.

Be it continental, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, any field and direction of cooking can be mastered.

For many, many days, I have been trying to master the art making soups especially tomato soup.

It may not be a big deal and it isn’t. In a restaurant, a waiter or a steward can prepare it for you, within minutes. After having that tomato soup the best thing you can do is, not leave any tips.

That’s why I am trying to master making it.

There three types of tomato soups.

1st:- The plain old tomato soup, which is made at each and every home, and tastes normal and especially old ones who sit at their digs and have nothing to do, drink it a lot while watching television.

2nd :- The readymade tomato soup, which are available in sachets. Simply pour the contents of the sachet into hot water and within minutes your tomato soup is ready.

3rd:- The tomato soup which is made in good and better restaurants. It has a glossy look on it, and the best of all, it is served with croutons.

I have been trying to make the third type of soup for days, but the glossy look of the soup would simply elude me. Yesterday, finally I had been able to make that soup.

But the croutons were playing truant since morning. I wasn’t able to get them made properly.

So, at last I called for Ma’s help and once Ma came into the kitchen, the croutons couldn’t play truant with me.

It was Haah! Time for me.

In the evening Ma, Baba and me we sat down and enjoyed the beautifully prepared home made tomato soup with garlic croutons.


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