The White And Blue Car.

The white and blue car,

Rendezvousing down the road,

Looked beautiful,

And extremely mosaic.

The car’s top and back,

Were painted a deeper shade of sky blue,

While the front and the bottom were white in colour.

The white and the blue car,

Going down the road,

Reminded me of my toy cars,

Which once a time,

I used to play with.

The white and blue car,

Once again woke up my imagination,

It felt as if it was God sent,

 But again, we all are little children inside,

Only the big hoodluming shells of adulthood,

Prevent us from playing like little children.

Those are the days,

When you can reach to any part of the world,

Without paying a single thing.

And now, you have to think about basic fare,

Tax, this and that.

Oh! The childhood,

And the white and blue car.


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