The Old Trunk And Jesus.

That day my mother was unmindful.

The atmosphere in home,

Was serious.

What happened when I came back,

In the afternoon from school,

And asked my sister why was it like that,

She told us,

“Mother has opened her old trunk”.

She got her sarees, blouses,

Many notebooks, small woollen sweater,

Letters from grandfather,

Her bangles, her own jewelleries,

Of yesteryears.

The open trunk has a smell of napthalenes.

With that she found a photo

Of Jesus, which was framed and kept covered in a cloth.

After her marriage ceremony was over,

My grandmother had given it to her saying-

“You put it on the wall,

In your new home.”

My mother always does not like to see Jesus put on a cross.

She said in her mind-“Already he is nailed,

Why to give him more trouble?”

Anyhow it was like that.

The photo of Jesus,

Till his bust,

Not on a cross,

Seeing that old photo in the trunk,

Mother lost her mind,

And murmured “Oh! Lord I have kept you locked in a trunk.”

She took the smell of it,

Kissed it.

Again kept it inside the trunk.

That old trunk became everyone’s interest in the house,

But seeing her word,

Nobody was ever daring,

To open and see her belongings in the trunk.

Just then mother entered the room,

With my quota of milk and biscuits.

She said to me-“Always bow to this trunk,

And pray to Lord Jesus that you should be guided by him.

Whatever attracts you,

Maybe a small pebble,

Maybe a small eraser,

Maybe an old coin,

Just make a box for them,

And like this trunk, keep it with you always and forever.

See now I have opened this trunk,

I have found my childhood,

My teen,

And my Jesus in it.

That time I did not put it on the wall,

Now I am feeling so very sad,

That for so many years,

I have not touched it,

Still he has given me my children, my husband,

My home, my new life,

And remained unbothered.

Because he knows me.


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