The Blue Eyed Elephant.

The blues eyes,

Of a small elephant,

Who lived in the fairy world,

Were magical.

He could produce ten gems at a time,

Of green, blue, yellow and pink colours,

But his magic could only work at dawn.

One day the fairy Godmother,

Needed gems of blue and orange colour,                 

At dawn,

For a big spell to protect the fairy world,

But the jeweller gnome had fallen asleep,

And couldn’t be woken up from his dreams.

Soon, the fairy Godmother called for the little elephant,

Who was sleeping in his house,

Which was a big banyan tree.

The little elephant with sleep in his eyes,

Went to the royal palace before the fairy Godmother,

And before she could ask his help,

He had rubbed his eyes and few gems of blue, orange, yellow colours fell on the palace floor.

Before the Fairy God mother could ask his permission for taking and using his gems,

He fell asleep and was taken to the royal suite,

Where he slept till his sleep was over.

In the morning,

He was handsomely rewarded by the Fairy God Mother,

And a title of being the Royal member of the palace,

Was bestowed upon him.

The little elephant was ecstatic,

But he still preferred his old home,

And went there soon after the celebrations were over.

Every morning as a gift,

He was sent a sumptuous breakfast by the Fairy God Mother,

Which he shared with his friends.

All across the fairy land he was loved by all.

The little elephant was wasn’t a little elephant anymore.

He became the one who had helped the fairy God Mother,

And was sorted by everyone.

But that didn’t change even a bit.

He was and will be what he was.


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