Baking A Big Cake.

Baking a big cake,

Is an art.

Is a form of worship.

A cake is a dish,

Which used for celebrations or it is simply had to make one cheerful.

It brings merriment. A cake, with its design, cream layering,

Is enough to double up one’s quota of hunger.

The preparations which go into making it are enough to stir up all the good feelings in one’s heart.

The procurement of milk, flour, vanilla essence, eggs for baking a cake,

Makes me achieve that enlighten,

Which I wouldn’t get even after reaching Zen.

When the ingredients are mixed in together,

The mixture gives a particular beautiful smell.

The smell evokes a feeling that,

 I am having my breakfast,

Sitting on Lord’s lap in the heaven.

It is simply unbelievable,

What happiness baking a cake gives to the chef,

Can’t be explained in words.

It isn’t simply a chef’s job to bake cakes,

It’s his daily spirit of living.

Baking a cake,

At home is an adventure,

Which ends in happiness and laughter.

And when Ma takes it out of the oven,

The laughter and happiness bubbles up into many cheers and dances.

When the cake is kept to be cool, the heart dances with such an energy,

That when can the cake be had.

If it is a cake with a cream,

Then the happiness doubles up.

And then comes the moment when Ma cuts the cake and arranges the pieces on a plate.

Those are the moments of saying hip-hip-hooray aloud.

Baking a cake,

Is a privilege,

Is a destiny,

Which many don’t have.

And those who do,

Are luckier than they know of.


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