The Brazilian Rainforest.

The Brazilian rainforest,

Is where the Amazon is located.

It is a hidden gem,

From where a new world stems,

There are trees,

Which are unknown of.

There are animals,

Who are completely habituated to it.

The rainforest is God for these beings,

A mother and a kind father,

For the Brazilian rainforest provides for all.

There are rubber plantations there,

Which are legendary and famous.

Rubber is gold for the tribes over there,

And the river Amazon,

Is an ocean in disguise of a river.

The famous Amazon,

Has many secrets,

Which are highly unknown.

Yet, the Brazilian rainforest,

Is such a destination,

Which though scary and mysterious,

Attracts a lot of tourists,

Who would rather be stuck on a canoe on the Amazon,

Than spending a day in their house,

Or on a costly vacation.

The Brazilian rainforest,

Is a mini world in itself,

Whose aura and fame,

Resonates all across the world,

And shall do for centuries and much beyond,

As the rainforest is a big boon on mankind,

It’s mankind’s duty to see that rainforest,

Remains preserved and unknown.


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