Back Home.

Back Home.

The Glacier has melted,

And there is no time.

I am rushing towards the slope of the mountain.

I am rushing and rushing.

I am making the way.

I know I will become a river,

A river which gurgles,

Soon, I will be joining the valley.

My water would be coursing in between the valley.

But my home is far.

In the mountain region.

I feel like crying.

Soon, other rivers would be joining me.

The sun is telling me that I am going to the sea.

I am crying.

Sun is telling me, please don’t worry.

I will gather you.

It’s the Wheel and its play.

Please don’t feel sad.

I have been the Sun for eons and eons,

Living in a small space, but no one knows me.

No one understands

You are running and I am also running with you.

See there, a mother is crying who needs water for cleaning, drinking and for other purposes.

Her small baby needs to be washed and cleaned, but there isn’t a single drop of water.

That valley down there is drying up.

It has been praying to God, that “God please send us some water”.

Their pain is same with me.

Hope you understand my trouble.

You also work hard for Lord.

Who works with utmost dedication and hardships.

I tell Lord Sun that,

I have nearly become a river,

I have touched the valley now.

But instead of showing me their gratitude,

They are saying, ”Oh its you, after all you have come.”

They are highly ungrateful.

The Sun says,

Don’t be worried about them.

They are simply pulling your leg.

Congratulations on becoming a river.

Soon you will meet me,

Till that time,



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