I Am A Small Bird.

I am a small bird.I can eat small seeds. But the crows are a big nonsense.They caw so much,

That my brain nearly splits out of its socket.

They are big time eaters.

Those fat, humoungous crows can eat anything. They are nothing but bullies. Snatching away the food from a small innocent little bird like me, won’t get them a single happiness.

But look at me, I am such a small bird,

That I can’t eat anything except those small blue seeds, and other very few food items and those rascal crows have their black eyes upon it always.

There is no place for me to rest. Wait a minute! Have I told you about my other home? It’s the halogen board above the sweet shop.

Everyday, at noon, I sit at the top of the halogen board, of the sweet shop.

Even there I have no respite

There comes a dog who continuously keeps on barking.

The shopkeeper gives him a sweetmeat everyday. But every half an hour he barks.

He expects that each and everyone who comes there, must give him a sweetmeat and they must be of different kinds.

Nearly at One O’ clock in the afternoon, a woman who lives on the second floor of the building, cleans rice and dal and chaffs it out. That dog is such a haggard, that he won’t let me eat it.

He keeps on barking and barking and barking, as if by unlimited barking, he would get his daily quota of food.

I stay away from him, until and unless he stops barking.

See, to gather a small amount of food, I have to suffer so much.

Do you have to face such hardships to acquire your food?

Maybe yours and mine stories are the same. After all everything we do, is for two square meals.


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