Mind Series- Part 2.

Mind is like a pendulum. It swings and it dances to the tunes of others. Oh! He has Mercedes Benz. Then I definitely need to buy an Audi car. Oh! She wears Prada, then I shall wear a much bigger brand. Mind works much faster than a pendulum. Pendulum works at a rate which is in much slower pace and swings in a mid-paced rhythm.

Mind needs this to be bought and that to be worn.

It seems as if one’s whole body exists in one’s mind.

“Do I look nice?’

“Will everyone look at me?”

“Ain’t I the most beautiful?’

“Will someone ask me for a dance?”

“Will I have a boyfriend?”

“Will I have a girlfriend?”

“Will someone steal my heart?”

“Will God’s angels write with me?”

“Will they make my life, a walk in the garden?”

See. The mind works much faster than a computer. It simply needs an object. If it is desirable then, one’s mind starts working like a clockwork to acquire it.

Desire is the biggest enemy of all. Most of the desires, leads to one’s downfall.

Very few desires leads to something good coming out of it.

It is better to have a pendulum clock, than have a mind which acts like it.

Mind Oh! Mind.

Please do be kind,

For the days are short,

And the might is wind,

So that all can rest fine.

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