Mind Series-Part 3.

Mind can’t stay satisfied with a single thing. It needs this and that. Give me this. Give me that.

One mobile isn’t enough. Give me the latest one. 6GB Ram and 128 GB Memory. Anything less than that is a waste of my time. It’s a prestige issue.

How many times have you said these words? Or have heard this from your kids?

Ma today can I have Nachos and dips?

Ma today can I have a bike?

Baba, today, can I have four thousand Euros?

Their demands rise above the sky, touch the zenith of the universe and drop down again.

Mind is that fidgety object which cannot be cooled even if you pour thousands and thousands of litres of cold water on it.

A hot head is always a recipe for disaster. A greedy mind is a readymade machine for never ending desire.

Borrowing money from friends is another trend which has been picking up a lot of pace and then denying it. There are many things which keep on going under the teenage bellies.

Mind is better focused on studies, on learning music, on creating objects, on learning new things which are good.

Mind can be catapulted into doing things which is against one’s wish, but if you keep it in check then you shall definitely, be the master or semi master of it.


Oh! Mind, Oh! Mind,

Please be cool and kind.

Let it never go astray, For then it won’t remain mine.

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