Would You Sleep This Afternoon?

The Sleepy Dog.
(Would You SLeep This Afternoon?)

Would you sleep this afternoon?

Look out of your window.

See the masons working hard atop a high-rise building.

They are applying concrete on the bricks,

So that the building is made.

See the painters painting the exterior of the building.

See the people walking across the street. 

They are busy and they indeed hope that they can reach their destination fast enough.

Would you sleep this afternoon?

And miss all the fun?

The fun which creates the world,

The fun which makes it go all around.

Would you sleep this afternoon?

And sleep off the chance to prepare for a lavishly nice and healthy dinner?

Would you sleep this afternoon?

Or rather would you make more and more beautiful painting?

Would you see this afternoon?

When there are so many things to do,

Like reading the newspaper and making a bucket list anew.


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