The Night Woke Me Up.

The night woke me up.

It asked me to look outside.

The rain was splattering non stop,

Without any mercy or without any thought.

The night woke up,

And asked me to feel the breeze.

It was cold,

It was silent,

And it remained far unseen.

The night woke me up.

It said-“Open your eyes my dear.

I am night, the one and only,

And come close and be near.”

I replied-“Thank you dear night, for remembering me.

I am just fine where I am. In my cosy bed.

So, let it be.Take care of all the children wherever they are”

The night replied-“ The moon is shining very bright,  the stars are glittering.

Oh! My friend, the views which I have seen takes me to a realm which is not very near.”

I –“Oh! Night, please, it has been a while. Please let me sleep,

For it is much dearer to me, than a call to watch you (the night)

As you are a time to rest, than to be kept awake, like owls who hoot, for they love you.”

Night-“Then go back to sleep. I wouldn’t disturb you anymore,

It’s my duty to stay awake, as the day comes nearer and nearer.”

I went back to sleep,

Night, also went back to its post.

When I woke up, it was early in the morning,

For the sun was shining as a hero who flexes his biceps and triceps wide and afar.


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