The Bird, Her Friends And The Parakeets.


The bird who flew here and there, had four friends. They were named Zink, Tink, Lion and Fry.

All four of them were parakeets. While the bird whom I have mentioned is a sparrow.

Fiery The Sparrow.

It was an early bright morning in the Himalayan mountains, but the sparrow, who is named Fiery, wouldn’t fly much in the Himalayan region.

Yet she went to Bhutan, in search of her friends, and still she couldn’t find them.

She didn’t like the cold of the Himalayas. It always gave her cold with sneezes and fever. Fiery was perspiring from excessive travel despite the excessive cold weather and she had become dehydrated, when she saw her four friends flying together over the mountains.

Fiery let out a long chirp and Zink, Tink, Lion and Fry came flying in great strides towards her.

She asked them-“Where have you all been? I have searched the whole of the Himalayan range for you people.”

Zink was the first one to answer. He said-“We are out on a mission. The King of parakeets has lost his crown while flying towards Russia. In his crown, lies the happiness diamond, which keeps all the parakeets in the world happy. So, we are out searching for it.”

Fiery-“You could have let me known. I would have helped. My uncle stays in Russia and he is a big Macaw. He can surely help. He has a big team of eighteen Macaws who play hockey under him.”

Tink-“Thanks Fiery, please do give him a call.”

Fiery immediately took out her cell phone from her pocket and gave Uncle Mac a phone call.

It went straight to voice mail, so Fiery called her aunt.

It seems that at that time Uncle Mac was being scolded by his wife. Fiery’s aunt picked up the phone and Fiery-“Aunt Malinda, can I speak with Uncle Mac?It’s urgent.”

Aunt Malinda-“ Well your uncle Mac is being scolded by me for coming home late last night and here talk to him.”

Uncle Mac-“Yes, Fiery my darling tell me. “

Fiery-“Uncle we need your help. The King Of Parakeets has lost his crown. We need to find it soon.”

Uncle Mac-“Where has he lost it? In TImbactoo?”

Fiery –“That’s unknown. But mostly somewhere In Asia.”

Uncle Mac-“Asia ain’t a small place. Well I will dispatch some my best Macaws to help out. (IN Whispers) Thanks for saving me. Your aunt was eating my head. “

To his wife-“I am going out dear. I have an important mission.”

Malinda-“Go to hell and don’t come back.”

Uncle Mac organized a big team of Macaws and they searched everywhere. Atlast a Macaw saw a baby bird which was a parakeet, playing around with a thing which looked like a crown.

He flew a bit lower and saw that it was indeed the parakeet king’s crown. He immediately called Uncle Mac and Mac called Fiery and Fiery relayed the message to Lion who immediately informed The Parakeet King’s Secretary.

The Parakeet king was overjoyed on hearing the news of his beloved crown being found. He immediately declared seven days of National holidays (which included a gift for each and every parakeet.)

But the moment he came to know that the object found, “might” be his crown, he put the National holiday plan on hold and went with his huge team to take look at that object.

When he went to that location, he found out that it was his ancestral home and he had left his crown at his son’s bedside. He had spent his summer vacation over there just ten days back and had completely forgotten about it, in spate of all things. His son was to spend the whole summer vacation at their ancestral home. It was located in Japan. So, it came out that he didn’t lose it while flying towards Russia. After all kings do make mistakes.

He asked his son about it, who said-“I found your crown and decided to play with it till you came back. I pretended to be the king of the world and gave big orders to put everything in the correct order, so that no wrong can ever be done.”

The Parakeet king gave out a big laughter on hearing these words and hugged his son tightly. Soon they went back home and the King declared ten days of National holidays and each and every Parakeet were given ten gold coins from the treasury.

Zink, Tink, Fiery, Lion, Fry, Uncle Mac and his team were given National Bravery awards and huge cash prizes. Simply seeing Uncle Mac’s cash prize, Aunt Malinda fainted and it took her two days to recover.

Fry was knighted as a brave sparrow, for having flown over the entire Himalayan range in that cold weather and her friends were the Second Highest Parakeet Honour. Uncle Mac and his team became world famous as the “Macaws” who helped. The Parakeet King gave his son a golden feather as a gift.

From then The Parakeet King appointed a team to look after his crown, after all he was the Parakeet King.


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