One Day.

The Lord Himself.

One day,

I met God himself.

He was writing a letter.

He didn’t tell me what he was writing.

But, he spoke afar.

The days are blue,

The nights are grey.

Oh! My son,

What do you say?

Is it all unknown?

Is it a post which I can bear?

Oh! My children!

What can I do?

But you all must never fear.

I am as golden as I ever was.

But few have seen me so far.

I am dancing to the tunes of others.

Soon, it will all change,

So never ever fear.

I am standing up.

I am getting up on my feet.

It’s all economically,

But I don’t care.

I am God,

I am your father.

Stay aloof my child.

For you are my near and dear.


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