Oh!Rain,Why Don’t You Shower?

Oh! Rain, why don’t you shower?

What are you shied of?

Why wait?

Why dilly dally?

When we can sing a beautiful monsoon song.

The rains always bring cheers and cause a great deal of happiness.

To have a shower without being in a bathroom, is a feeling most excellent.

To wash away all sadness by getting drenched in the most wonderful happiness is what rains are for.

It is what we are made for.

Oh! Rain do shower soon.

All are waiting in anticipation, all prepared with their umbrellas, raincoats and in full fledged action plans.

But what do they know?

They don’t know you as I do.

For rains are such creation, of God, the father of all.

That’s why they are untold.

So, my friend do come soon,

Wash away all our pains,

And let it be a wonderful monsoon.

From your friends.


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