Honesty And Butter Croissants.

Honesty and butter croissants are two very different things.

In no way are they related.

Honesty is an inborn, inbuilt feature.

While butter croissants are made by hand, better if done with love and care.

It’s had with much gusto,

While honesty comes for many with much difficulty.

Honesty is hardly maintained, in these times.

While butter croissants are found easily and are had many times.

Honesty is rare feature in human beings,

But butter croissants aren’t.

They are famous and favourites of all food loving people.

But honesty is a coin which must be with you and in you, even if you don’t possess anything.

Whereas butter croissants now come in various flavours such as pineapple, strawberry , etc.

Honesty doesn’t come in flavours.It is what it is.

It is the inner core of your self.Whether anyone accepts or not, honesty is in them, as our self comes from God. Surprisingly very few exercise it and lose themselves in the mud of unworthiness and falsitudes. It’s a style nowadays to be dishonest. Those who love food, whether they are honest or not, will definitely have butter croissants if it is cheap and available easily.

Be honest.Keep it up always and have a lot of butter croissants. Flavoured or unflavoured, that’s upto you.

Hope that honesty sticks to one, as does the butter from the croissant while having eat.


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