I Am An Only Child OF GOD.

Sai Baba

In tremendous pain,I shouted.

I know you,

You are God.

You made my days,

You made my smell.

You made my honey,

You made my money.

You told me the journey,

It should not be endless.

I didn’t listen to you.

I didn’t bother to hear you.

When I can hear myself.

I loved you God.

Can’t you see it,

The One And Only.
Meher Baba.

That I have donated food, clothes and money to clear the black to white.

Then everything is black here?

When I made so much white?

Why this pain God?

Why those men are pointing towards me?

Now I can’t even sue.

The God only said-“My dear I love you.

A drop of love in many drops,

Has made you through.

My child please do it afresh.

I know you can do.


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