Cascade Dances.

The cascade dances,

Showers its nectars.

It is bountiful at the mountain top.

When comes down,

I want to get the shower.

Even I want to dance at noon.

“In the noon, don’t the people dance?

What is so great in it?”

“Sun is up and,

Water is hot.

Feel it anyday, anytime.”

“I don’t bother what you think.”

“I want to be in the water.

Let it flush on my head,

Let it cleanse my dirt.

Let it clean my heart and mind.

Let it clean my soul.

Let it clean my in and out,

Let it never stop.”

“Oh! my man,

You will be finished in gasp of air.

You may see your end.”

“I know, you are selfish and I know you are not my friend.”


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