Little Mussy’s Flower Basket.

Little Mussy’s Flower Basket.

Little Mussy was selling flowers along the road.

The sight of her,

Captured my heart.

She reminded me of someone,

Whom I may have met somewhere along the many lives that I had.

I stopped and spoke to her.

Little Mussy would you be my friend?

Oh! Little Mussy,

You toil all day along.

The flowers in your basket are nice and wonderful,

Yet few buy them from you.

The cold is nearly ready to bite off our heads,

Yet you stand in it, so brave.

At my home, I have a fireplace,

Though I ain’t rich person,

But my fireplace is red warm and hot.

I live at a place,

Which is high up,

But my friends are very few.

Only my God, my son and my husband are my friends.

I don’t know dear little Mussy,

Why I feel so connected to you,

Maybe you were my daughter,

Maybe my friend,

Maybe we had cup of tea,

In some bygone lane?

These are the pasts.

The previous births,

Which has changed us all,

Yet our core remains the very same.

Little Mussy,

Sit near my me,

And tell me some wonderful tales.

How do you spend your days?

How many flowers are sold in a day?

Little Mussy,

My heart aches for you.

Have a smile always on your face,

Be innocent, be kind,

Never lose yourself in this world glum of unhappiness,

Always prosper,

Always feel your true self.

I am a mother too,

I know your pain.

Keep your child always happy.

Do you have a small sister?

Do you all stay together?

Give me a rose, a lily, a jasmine and a hibiscus.

It has been a journey into my past,

Meeting with you.

Little Mussy,

If had I a daughter,

Then she would have been like you.

My blessings are with you,

Be happy,

Do well in life,

Little Mussy.


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