Two Children Playing Cricket.

In my society,two small children play cricket regularly.They are best friends.

I know both of them.

One evening while we were taking a walk, Ma and me, both of us saw them playing.

We completed few rounds of walking and sat down on a bench.Those kids were playing nearby. The game had taken a turn. It was a tough competition between the two of them.

The one who wins, would get the best seat in the bus the next day. So the little chap who was batting, was trying his best to cover the stumps with his whole body and with his bat. While the fellow who was bowling was aiming more at the middle stump.

Neither the batsman was able to score more runs nor was the bowler was able to take the wicket of his friend.

It was a funny sight to watch them play. We got up and went out to buy few groceries and when we came back they were still playing and both them were giving tough competition to each other. We laughed in our hearts and went home. The outcome of the match was unknown to us. Yet whosoever won the match would definitely get the best seat in the school bus the next day.


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