A Cup Of Litchi Ice Cream.

A cup of litchi ice cream,

Is a food of marvels.

Even in summer,

Sometimes it is hard to get by.

Litchi ice cream with a cherry on top,

Is what Ma, Baba and I always like.

Hope in this coming summer,

We do have some delicious bites.

A cup of litchi ice cream,

Surely can’t be priced high,

But now the times are such that,

The prices tend to go sky high,

Before falling down,

Like a pack of cards,

Without a sigh.

If they serve the litchi ice cream in a cone,

Then well and good.

If they don’t; then a glass bowl full of it shall suffice.

A cup of litchi ice cream can bring a smile to anyone’s face,

Provided it tastes well and sure it should be made nice.

Lets hope that this summer turns out well for us,

And with God’s grace,

Litchi’s are always abundant in the summer,

So it is the very best, if Ma makes the ice cream for the three of us ( i. e. Ma, Baba and me).


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