Through The Water.

Through The Water,

I saw the sun rays.

They were light and golden.

Beautiful and beholden.

The water droplets smiled,

And said “We are happy,the light purified us”.

Through the water,

The fishes swam,

Fast and swift,

Without taking a break.

They bathed in those glorious sun rays,

They danced and sang,

And said “We want more”.

Then came a fisherman with his net,

The fishes scampered away seeing him.

But he caught a few of them.

Upon the water,the boat sailed.

As beautiful as forever,

Through the water the life went on and on.

It didn’t stop,

The rain fell,

Cheers came up,

Through the water I saw you,

O! Glorious sun,

You seemed more beautiful.

Had water been able to bathe you,

You would have been freshened up,

But my soul felt eternal bliss,

As you glowed upon the earth.

The moon would rise in the evening to bask in your light,

Through the water I would see you again,

As you are mine.

Through the water, please bless me O! Kind lord.

For there is no one save you.

You are water and life itself,

But through the water,

I have known you, seen you and danced with you.

Felt you glory, your love.

Through the water we will play again,

And be more happy and blissful again and again and again.


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