The Winter Has Passed.

The winter has passed.

They were all golden.

They were winter days.

In our country,

In this part,

We don’t get snowfalls.

But the cold winds from the Himalayan range,

Blew and made the perfect coldness.

The level of energy is also different.

Wherein a little wollen or other warm clothes,

You will feel you can do so many work.

Clothes are of different nature- mufflers, coat , pullover,socks and shoes.

It’s a time of spending holidays.

The soldiers spent their nights in their duty around the fire.

Hot soup and hot milkshake are favourite of all.

Any train journey is of so much interest,

The warm morning blankets,

Though you have to leave and get up.

You put yourself in a cardigan.

And had your warm cup of tea and coffee.

Looking at the outside from your window,

You will cherish the sun rays.

Do not feel horrible, if you walk at anytime under the sun.

Winter is the end of the year.

Rest of the year is laid ahead with summer,rainy season, autumn.

Rest is over and now work till the winter starts again.

I love you winter and your specialities.


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