Time is the clock which has no end. It is endless. Time is the master of none. It is paradoxical, ironical, symbolical and non-whimsical.

*Paradoxical because what yesterday wasn’t, today is.

Example:- Galileo had said-“Earth revolves around the Sun and for that he was punished.” Today we all know with proof that what he had said was true.

*Ironical as the rules made by men have rebounded upon them.

Example:- A bad king or dictator who had made rules to justify his means and aggrandizement has fallen down and has been punished by those same people to whom he had caused much suffering.

*Non whimsical because time simply flows.

Example:-Time will not say that today is Monday, I don’t feel like going to office, so let me go back to Sunday and make the time twenty four hours back. Though many office goers would prefer to do that.

It can’t be measured, can’t be accounted for. It only is. Like the vastness of the sky which is infinite and boundless.

It has been said that time waits for nobody as it can’t. Only God is the one who can make it wait.

Time is not money. Time is simply a measurement which has been made by humans and given a scientific reasoning. But the truth is, that time simply is. Whether you bind it by seconds, minutes, hours and day, it’s a normal mathematics calculation.

For example:- On a Saturday night when you go to sleep without having the moribund to set your alarm clock for the next day morning, you can sleep easily through the Sunday morning, afternoon and even evening. When you do so, you are not aware of what time it is. But when you wake up, you look at your mobile phone and say-“Ah! It so and so time.” The whole time you were asleep, you weren’t neither aware nor conscious of any damn thing, let alone time. But time was awake and when you woke up it received you with open arms. So, time exists just as you do.

Be careful of it, be happy with it and be as much as doing as you can be.


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