My Glasses.

It all happened on Wednesday. I lost my glasses. I remembered that I had kept them on the bed side table before I wanted to have a wash. My eyesight is poor with near and distant viewing. Searching was a problem also.My mother was very upset, we were not finding it anywhere. In the drawers, in the almirah. My mother asked me, before going for a wash what was I doing. I was reading a book.

No it was not by the book. Then where it could go? My favourite television show was scheduled to be shown for a while later. I sat on the sofa anyhow, let me be in some peace. I let the television on, as usual. The show was hazy. But I could manage to understand as I could hear the conversation between the criminal and the commissioner. I forgot my spects. In the commercial break again the thought came. What all happened before I lost my spects. A Swiggy delivery man came and gave me a packet. He did not snatch my glasses. Then the maid asked me to close the door.

The commercial break was about to end, my mother brought a glass of soft drinks. Looking at the television, I took the glass from her and as usual spilled a little of it on my pants. A little drops also fell on sofa.My mother is very touchy about the sofa. They are costly and once for a life time. With a wet napkin she came and asked me to slide a bit, wiping with a little more force, she even put her hands in the space between the arm rest and the seat of the sofa, got my specs and gave me. Oh what a search!

I was reading the book and I kept the book on the bed side table and left the glasses on the side of the sofa. May be while I was washing, my Daniel saw it from the fairy land and kept it there a little in. Oh! Daniel next time not. A little not but the rest of the serial I could watch with my spects on.   


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