Green Trees And Boiled Eggs.

Trees looked golden and the grass was green.

The road was full of trees of golden-green hue, as on the both the sides of road, trees were there and when the Sunlight peeped through the trees, it formed a scintillating scenery of golden-green hue.

We were travelling back to our home and upon seeing that beautiful hue glowing around the trees I was mesmerized. I was eight to nine years old then.

We went ahead and I kept looking back. I wanted to go back to that particular place and wanted to relive those moments. I asked my father if we could go back to that place,but he said that we need to reach home as the evening was approaching.

It was a road, upon which few cars drove but one could see buses travelling upon that road. Our tiffin boxes were empty by that time as we were travelling for more than two hours in the car.

At the far end of the road we could see a vendor stall and probably it was a food stall.

It turned out to be food stall. We got from the car and asked the stall owner what was available?

He replied-“Boiled eggs and tea.” Hearing those four words my father’s face lit up as if he was the happiest man on earth and had got a very big promotion. He truly loves boiled eggs.

There was a dog nearby who was wagging his tail. Baba bought two boiled eggs and placed them in front of the dog in a recyclable bowl made of paper leaves. On seeing those eggs, the dog simply sat down and bowed his head, as if saying thank you in gratitude.

The vendor asked us-“Had you all gone for a trip?”

We replied-“Yes.”

Stall Owner-“To where did you go?”

I replied-“To Rampur.”

Stall owner-“Oh! Rampur. My distant cousin lives there. But we seldom meet.”

The evening was coming over, so I asked him that is there any hotel nearby?

He replied-“You will find a big hotel but it would be nearly two hours drive away from here.”

After finishing those boiled eggs with tea we drove towards the hotel.

As we went ahead, we could see more trees on both the sides of the road, which had an aura of golden green hue. The grass was deep green. The scenery was extremely lovely. It felt as if it was a scene straight out a fairy book. In those days mobile phones weren’t there, so I couldn’t click a picture.

We reached the hotel by six and were able to get an accommodation. The hotel room had a big bed and I felt very happy as I could now stretch my legs properly and give them sufficient rest. The whole night I dreamed about those trees with golden-green hue and upon waking I asked Ma if we could go back to that place so that I play cricket. Ma laughed and said-“No, we can’t. We have to reach home and while playing cricket if you hit the ball a bit far, then you would have to go into the jungle to get the ball back. I realized the point that Ma was making. I told Ma-“Ma the roadside is so beautiful that I felt like going for a few long walks.”

Ma hugged me and said-“The next time we come, surely we will let you play cricket and have long walks over there.”

I was very happy, over joyed and exuberant and am waiting for the next time.


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