Daniel and Mr Big Potato.

Jasmine was back to fairy land and it was Daniel who had successfully got her back. Well Jasmine’s father was very angry with her, but on seeing his daughter safe and sound he felt a deep gratitude to Lord and forgave her.

The queen gave Daniel a big car which could double up as a boat too for being able to bring Jasmine back from the Land of Potatoes. She had received a call from the Potato King who had praised Daniel a lot.

 Daniel was so happy on receiving that gift that took it for a ride into the river which flowed throughout the fairy land. When he came back home all splashed up, he was afraid that his father might scold him but was very surprised when instead of scolding him, he hugged Daniel and even cried a bit.

Daniel was very surprised to see such a tender side of his father. The next morning a small party had been arranged at Jasmine’s home where many dignitaries of the fairy land had come.

After a sumptuous brunch they all gathered around Daniel and asked him how he had managed to bring his sister back.

Daniel said-“With fairy queen’s permission.” Upon hearing this all looked towards the queen. She nodded.

Daniel continued-“Nearly a year back I was playing in the pond in my school, when I had heard someone crying. I went towards the source of that sound and found that a big round brown ball hiding in a large bush was making the sounds.

 I was about to call our teacher when I saw that the ball had hands and he was actually crying.

I went near him and asked-“Are you a fairy or a human?”

The crying ball stopped crying and he turned his whole body towards me. He had a face too and there was a sad look on it.

Wiping his tears he said-“I am Mr Big Potato and I am lost.”

I replied-“How can you be lost?  This is the fairy land.”

Upon hearing this he started crying with a much big vigour.

I said to him-“Please stop crying. Maybe I can help you.”

He said-“I am from the land of potatoes. Yesterday a big bear was chasing me and saying that he would eat me up, so I ran and ran and at last hid in this bush.”

I-“Where did you meet the bear?”

Mr. Big Potato-“ In the land of bears.”

I-“Well, don’t worry I can get you back home.”

Him-“You can? Well thank you for that but how will you get me home? I am very hungry. Since last afternoon I have not eaten anything.”

I had a chocolate bar with me so I gave it to him. Seeing this, his potato face lightened up and he was more than happy to eat it.

I told him about Tino (My big red sparrow) and he immediately picked up his suitcase and got ready to go back home.

I quickly changed my clothes and let out a long whistle, within ten seconds Tino came flying and landed near the school pool.

Seeing Tino, Mr.Big Potato was very surprised, but the moment Tino shook his wings, Mr.Big Potato got very afraid and nearly fainted off.

I held him firm with my hands. At first he was not able to climb Tino but as I said a few magic words, Mr. Big Potato was lifted up in the air and he could sit on Tino’s back.

But as he was very heavy, Tino buckled under his weight, so I gave him a magic chocolate bar and Tino became extra powerful. Soon we were in the skies and reached the land of potatoes. There Mr.Big Potato took me to his home and I found out that he was the brother of the Potato king.

Soon I was given a message to be given to the fairy queen and as soon as I landed back on fairy land,I gave that message to the fairy queen, who had asked me to keep quiet about the whole incident.

So her highness selected me to lead the delegation to bring Jasmine back”.

Hearing this narration everyone broke into an applause, except Jasmine and his parents. His mother and father were extremely angry with him for having flown to the Land of Potatoes without their permission, but the fairy queen calmed them down.

Later that whole day, after everyone went home, Daniel had a hard time convincing his parents that he had done no wrong by flying Mr. Big Potato on Tino to the Land of Potatoes, when an unexpected guest arrived at their doorstep.

Who was this guest? Find out in my next post.


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