The Theatre.

The evening show of a film has just got over. People are coming out discussing about the movie. All are tired mostly. Autorickshaws, cars,bikes were all in one place. I was standing there, waiting for a rickshaw. Within ten to fifteen minutes the crowd got dispersed. An autorickshaw was available but it would take another route due to traffic jam in the shorter route. I got in the auto and it started moving. The main road was glowing with all neons. I was looking at both the sides. A new shop has opened for women with its premium products, where a luggage shop used to be. Many times I thought of buying a new suitcase and go for a short trip anywhere outstation, but it remained as a thought. The autorickshaw was taking turn and I tried to see again, was that shop still there in the vicinity? I was sad. Last I boarded on a train for Shirdi six years back and after that only staying at home. Ma sitting beside me watched that I was searching or may be looking for something, did not ask me anything. It is strange that my Baba is always with a small suitcase and backpack, travelling a stretch , taking a halt at home for one and half day. Tomorrow he is coming. I hope soon we will buy a new suitcase. Hope it happens.

The theatre is the show of his toil and being all responsible should end now. His sincere work must be justified with rest and proper routine. I love you Baba.


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